Race-Ethnicity, Age and Gender Unit 6

Race-Ethnicity, Age and Gender


1. Men v Woman  Reading: Study of Man,  Are colleges biased towards women?

Are colleges biased towards women?

Create a Venn diagram comparing; men to women.  Write a three page paragraph that helps to explain the authors point.  Introduction, comparisons and concluding thoughts.

  Gender Roles Video.  Are Gender Roles Determined by Nature or are they Nurtured? Write down characteristics of boys and girls on a diagram.

2. True Colors; Racial Discrimination video’s  Part 1 and part 2

Segregated Prom, Wilcox County, GA.          

The Human Family Tree: video  

 video guide pdf

Unit 6 Power Point notes:

  • Race and Ethnic Stratification (notes) ppt
  • Age and Gender (notes) ppt   Chapter 10 Readings from text pdf   Aging Readings pdf

Age Discrimination         Males not going to college