World Civilizations unit 1 Pre-History


GVC: Students will gain an understanding of early civilizations and their contributions to the foundations of human culture. 

Factors that lead to civilized societies

  • Investigate role of hunter gatherers
  • Understand paleolithic man v. neolithic man
  • Investigate the role of plant and animal domestication
  • Trace the diffusion of civilized societies, and their 8 elements

  1. Unit 1 Vocabulary ppt pdf
  2. 5 Themes of Geography ppt
  3. 5 Themes of Geography:  Video Extension
  4. The Earliest Humans – out of Africa  ppt  pdf notes
  5. What are the 8 characteristics which define a Civilization? ppt
  6. Glencoe World History Readings PDF  


Civilization Model Project

Create a Model of a civilizations using the 8 characteristics of Civilization PDF