Progressive Era Unit 2

Muckrakers – Progressive Reforms – Teddy Roosevelt

  1. Packet Materials for Unit 6 Progressive Era pdf  The Americans Textbook pdf
  2. Unit 6 vocabulary pdf
  3. Progressive Presidential leadership packet notes pdf
  4. Readings: Progressive Reforms pdf
  5. Primary Source: The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair pdf
  6. Muckrakers and Progressive Reformers Project pdf     Project Example

Links to Progressive Era Video

  • Teddy Roosevelt “Bully Pulpit” vid “Good Fight vid
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Fire 1911 vid

Selected Readings:


Westward Expansion – New Nation

Westward Expansion – New Nation

GVC: Analyze the growth and division of the United States West of the Mississippi, 1820-1877

  • Trace Americas expansion West geographically and socially; Oregon Trail, Lewis and Clark
  • Examine the land acquisitions that complete the map of the US; Oregon Country, Louisiana Purchase, Texas, Mexican Cession, Gadsden Purchase
  • Recognize the sectional differences that lead America towards Civil War.
  • Examine the impact Westward Expansion had on Native Americans; Identify Key native American Tribes

West 7 cover

  1. Westward Expansion Packet pdf
  2. George Washington’s inauguration vid
  3. A New Nation ppt Election 1796 Adams v Jefferson vid Adams Federalism vid
  4. Westward Expansion Vocabulary ppt
  5. West Geography vid

  1. Louisiana Purchase
  2. Louis and Clark  Great Journey West vidIMG_1019
    • Louis and Clark Twitter Book HELP  Using a timeline from the Journey of Lewis and Clark, create dialog in TWITTER language to re-create their journey West.  Make 12 entries total from the Timeline. pdf  

Example: @MLewis May 14, 1804 “We left St Louis up the Missouri River under a gentle breeze” #55FootKeelBoat #10TonsofSuplies

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