Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation Unit 5

Unit 5

Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation

  1. What were the Dark Ages?
  2. How was the Renaissance different than the Dark Ages?
  3. What were the motivations of Reformation, reformers like Martin Luther?

Age of Castles and Kings

The role of the Church


Feudalism – Tudors

Booklet Project:  Day in the Life of…

Feudalism – Life of a Peasant, Life of a Monk, The Role of a Knight, The “KING”  Project Example: Cover   Pages

Assignment and printout pdf  Help for your Medeival book! ppt

  1. Describe a typical day
  2. What would a ______say (common quote)
  3. List the duties they would perform
  4. Include a picture

  1. Notes Medieval Life ppt
  2. Black Death ppt

The Black Death

The Renaissance or “rebirth”

Renaissance Art

The Protestant Reformation

Martin Luther – England – a question of Religion