November 5

Golden Age Civilizations unit 4

The Golden Age

Byzantines – Africa – India – China

Islam – Mali, Songhai, Ghana – Gupta – Tang, Song

UNIT 4 Packet pdf

  1. Byzantine Empire ppt  Hagia Sophia vid Justinian vid


  1. Golden Age of Muslims ppt – Islam and its followers ppt
  2. 30 days a Muslim vid
  3. Africa – Trading Kingdoms ppt     AFRICA MAP EXAMPLE PDF  Blank Africa Map PDF
    • Africa -SPRITE civilizations ppt
    • Africa Maps GOOGLE web
    • Bantu Migration Model web
    • African Masks ppt worksheet pdf

      Africa Video’s below

  1. India – Gupta Empire ppt
    1. Hinduism ppt  More about CASTE SYSTEM ppt vid
    2. Buddhism ppt vid Buddhism Top 10 Misconceptions vid

China – Song and Tang Dynasties

technological development

  • Technology Pictures pdf
  • China – Engineering and Empire vid

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