Classical Civilizations Unit 3

Greece and Rome: Classical Civilizations

GVC 3: Students will Analyze the contributions and development of classical civilizations and their impact on the world, using the examples of the Greeks and Romans.

  • Explore the philosophic foundations of the Greeks
  • Compare and contrast the Greeks Athenian city state to the Spartan
  • Examine the role of Macedonian conquests under Alexander (Hellenism)
  • Examine belief systems that resulted, and impact on the world (Roman rise of Christianity)
  • Explore the Development of the Roman Empire. (Republicanism, Law, Civic Duty)

What makes a Civilization, Classic?


Unit 3 Classical Civilizations Packet pdf

  1. What makes a Civilization Classical? ppt  Story of Romulus and Remus vid vid2
  2. Greek or Roman model project ppt (see example)
  3. Contributions and Achievements of Greek Civilization ppt vid   Greek Olympics vid
  4. Athens v Sparta ppt  Growing up Spartan vid
  5. Alexander The Great ppt vid  KAHOOT   Phillip of Macedon

H.O.W. vid watch :55 – 1:06

What Lessons can we learn from the example set by the Roman Republic?

The Romans

  1. Geography of Rome ppt  Romulus and Remus vid    Etruscans vid
  2. Rome- From Republic to Empire ppt vid Start video 1:43 Julius Becomes Emperor for life
  3. Roman Achievements ppt
  4. The Fall of Rome ppt
  5. Rise of Christianity ppt  vid Crash Course


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