World Civilizations unit 1 Pre-History


GVC: Students will gain an understanding of early civilizations and their contributions to the foundations of human culture. 

Factors that lead to civilized societies

  • Investigate role of hunter gatherers
  • Understand paleolithic man v. neolithic man
  • Investigate the role of plant and animal domestication
  • Trace the diffusion of civilized societies, and their 8 elements

  1. Unit 1 Vocabulary ppt pdf
  2. 5 Themes of Geography ppt
  3. 5 Themes of Geography:  Video Extension
  4. The Earliest Humans – out of Africa  ppt  pdf notes
  5. What are the 8 characteristics which define a Civilization? ppt
  6. Glencoe World History Readings PDF  


Civilization Model Project

Create a Model of a civilizations using the 8 characteristics of Civilization PDF



Where we came from, Unit 1 Pre-history

The earliest human origins are hotly debated.  You can find any number of theories as to where humanity began.  Lets just say, human kind struggled early to survive.  Humans competition with other organisms and an ever changing environment, made humanity a, ‘”not so sure thing”.  Early humans hunted and gathered. The places humans called home would change, depending on the location of the food.  We call this behavior, following the food.  Early humans were, Hunter Gatherers and were constantly on the move to find the next meal.

  1. Why did Early humans move around so much?
  2. Were there other groups competing with our Early Ancestors?
  3. When did Humans finally start settling in groups?
  4. What was life like for a hunter gatherer?

  • Hist. of World in 2 hours, view minutes 34-53
  • Mankind: Story of All of US, Inventors 36 minutes VUDU study guide pdf
  • Neanderthal v. Homo-Sapiens (start at 15 min)
  • Power Point Link: Paleolithic Era
  • Power Point Link: Neolithic Era  Hughes Vid
  • Hist. of World in 2 hours, view minutes 54-1:06
  • WC Unit 1 Packet Materials PDF


so you’re saying, homo-sapiens were smarter…?