Texas and Mexico

Independence of Texas 1836

Texas was a desirable location for early settlers. Texas had desirable weather, flat land and ample water for cattle and farming.  Mexico allowed Americans to settle there through land grants to populate that area of Northern Mexico called Texas.  Over time, Texans became quite independent, contrary to the Mexican laws they originally agreed on.  Many Americans in Mexican Texas brought slaves, practiced their own religions and did not learn to speak Spanish. Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna, newly elected president of Mexico and acting general of the Mexican Army was opposed to the defiance of the Texans, and vowed to run them out of the Mexican province.  Santa Anna gathered an army and marched towards San Antonio, clearing out settlers and vowing to kill any who defy him.  The first of may battles between the Texans and Mexico, was the Battle of the Alamo.  The Alamo (video) was a mission stronghold, armed by the Texans, near the town of San Antonio.  A few weeks later,

Sam Houston and the Texas army would capture Santa Anna following a bloody battle along the San Jacinto River.  Santa Anna was forced to sign a document allowing Texas to become independent.  The Mexican government, never recognizes this document and war would result between the US and Mexico after Texas is annexed in 1854.

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Mexican American War

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