February 7

World War I unit 7

How did imperialism and nationalism bring

America into World War I? How did events like the Spanish and American War contribute to global conflict?

Spanish-American War: American imperialism pdf

1. World War I unit materials pdf

2. WW I Vocabulary ppt

3. Map Activity, (online color) Readings for Packet pages 372-380 pdf

4. Readings for packet pages 388-395 pdf

5. Readings “Wilson’s 14 Points” post war map pdf

5. World War I Causes ppt

6. Events Prior to US Entry ppt

7. The Fighting Ends ppt   WWI First Modern War ep1

Selected Readings

PDF Study Guide link

February 7

1920’s and the Great Depression unit 8

  • 1920’s  vocabulary pdf
  • Transition America notes 1920 pdf
  • Presidential Leadership notes pdf

Sacco and Vanzetti Video        Flappers, 1920’s video     Flapper makeover video


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New Deal Readings