World War I unit 7

How did imperialism and nationalism bring America into World War I? How did events like the Spanish and American War contribute to global conflict?

Spanish-American War: American imperialism pdf

1. WW I Vocabulary ppt

2. Map Activity, (online color) Readings for Packet pages 372-380 pdf

2.5 Atlas of American History Activity pdf   (SEE RESOURCES)

3. American Power Tips the Balance Readings 381-387 pdf

4. Readings for packet pages 388-395 pdf

5. Readings “Wilson’s 14 Points” post war map (398-403) pdf

6. World War I Causes ppt

7. Events Prior to US Entry ppt      slides transcript

8. The Fighting Ends ppt   WWI First Modern War ep1

Selected Readings

PDF Study Guide link


1920’s and the Great Depression unit 8

Sacco and Vanzetti Video        Flappers, 1920’s video     Flapper makeover video



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New Deal Readings