Deviance and Social Control Unit 4

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Key Concepts:

  1. Primary and Secondary Deviance
    1. is this a one time thing? or are you making a career out of it?
  2. Why people act deviant
    1. Labeling Theory  “Once a cheat, always a cheat”
    2. Strain Theory  “I have no other choice’
    3. Differential Association Theory “You are what you eat”

Deviance and Social Control

  1. Crime and the Legal System ppt
  2. Unit 4 Readings for Deviance and Social Control pdf
  3. Crime special topic: Rape – Supplemental ppt  Reading pdf
  4. The Dropout (video) “Write a reaction paper” vid
    1. In the paper please identify 5 examples of universal deviance

Deviance Project:  Find an area or place where there is an expectation or a specific norm. Submit your project to SCHOOLOGY (DOC, WORD, PRESENTATION or SCREEN SHOT are all fine)

  1. Write down the norm or expectation for that place and provide a picture of the place or setting.
  2. Record the DEVIANT things to observe. Remember that deviance is not always a negative!

Crime Reports LOCAL AND NATIONAL per location

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