Welcome to Introduction to Sociology

What Is Sociology?

Functionalism– Balance is key? vid2

Conflict Theory– Competition within a society

Symbolic Interaction – Contact with, people, things, ideas. vid2

Quizlet: Unit 1 Review


Sociology Research Project Unit 1

The project: 

  1. Identify a Sociological Question: (example) “How many students in Pine View High wear Nike shoes?”
  2. Predict the outcome for your project by writing a Hypothesis: (example) In a survey of 150 people asking them about their summer, over 50% of the blondes surveyed will say they had fun. 
  3. Conduct a survey or observation and collect data using one of the following methods:
    1. survey
    2. observation
    3. research – collect data from reputable sources
  4. Review data findings
  5. Write a conclusion and answer the following questions:
    1. What surprised you?
    2. Was your Hypothesis proven or disproven?

“You may work in a group or individually”

Report your findings using one of the methods below:

Example Project Folder Link

  • Power Point
  • Written report
  • Class presentation (+10% final score x credit)
  • Poster board
  • Video

Project Idea Video’s

  • Rope Experiment vid
  • Elevator Experiment vid
  • Can Your Brain Give You Energy? vid
  • Homeless man v Homeless kid vid
  • Dropped Phone vid