Unit 1 US Industrial Revolution

GVC: Abundant available resources, innovative ideas and a prosperous economic climate, lead America towards rapid expansion of Industry.

  • Explore inventions like, steel plow, electricity and the automobile and protection of ideas in the form of patents.
  • Trace the expansion of railroad systems, development of steel and abundance of fossil fuels which lead to the birth of American business tycoons like; Vanderbilt, Carnegie and Rockefeller.
  • Examine the Market revolution and its impact on workers and increases in urban development as well as the role of immigration.


  • Unit 5 Study Guide pdf
  • Unit 5 Study Packet Materials pdf
  • TEXTBOOK “The Americans” Ch. 9 New Industrial Age pdf

Packet Notes Links

  • Industrial Age Vocabulary pdf
  • 7 Factors of Americas Industrial Growth pdf
  • Industrial Age “Fat Cats” ppt

Men Who Built America video’s parts 1 and 2 and Transcontinental Railroad

  • Industrial Age Organized labor pdf
  • Selected Guided Readings pdf



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