September 15

American Revolution and New Government

Unit 2:  

Causes of the American Revolution and Forming a New Government

GVC: Investigate the development of the United States government, constitutional republic, institutions and political beginnings.

  • identify individual philosophies that influenced our Constitution; separation of powers, balance of power
  • Analyze the Constitutions creation
  • Trace the development of our government and its politics; Federalism (beginnings of competing political parties)
  1. Revolutionary Vocabulary ppt
  2. French and Indian War (7 Years War) ppt vid vid2 vid3
  3. Road to the Revolution ppt vid vid2 vid3  Foldable Info PDF
  4. Boston Massacre vid
  5. Constitution Vocabulary ppt
  6. Creating a Republic ppt (Adams)Declaration vid
  7. Foundations of Government ppt Purpose of the Declaration vid
  8. Chapter 8 US Constitution ppt
    1. Religious Freedom vid
    2. Civics Practice Test link
    3. Constitution Storybook Project Folder link  HELP  LK video 1 LK video 2
    4. US Constitution Fold-able ppt (need the paper)
    5. Bill of Rights ppt Future Fright vid 
    6. Using the Constitution (question sheet) link
    7. Riley’s Constitutional Review link

 Future Fright Video


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