Lewis and Clark Twitter

What if Lewis and Clark had a Twitter?

Twitter lewis and Clark

What if Lewis and Clark had a Twitter?

Students will create tweets for Lewis and Clark’s Twitter feed. ┬áThese messages or Expedition Tweets will be found in the Lewis and Clark Time Line. Students will use real events from the journals to create a news feed coming from the expedition members. If Lewis and Clark had Twitter, America would have had a real time flow of information that would have gone directly to Thomas Jefferson.


Lewis and Clark Timeline LINK

twitter example 1

Check this example to help you start your Tweets.

Each Twitter entry must have (4) elements, 15 Tweets total.

1. Twitter Handle (name of Tweet creator) Yo can create any of your choice.

2. Date of the Tweet (from timeline)

3. Message or main idea post (created by you from the timeline)

4. TWO (2) #hashtags #WithRelatedIdea #Facts

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